Wednesday, August 5, 2009

UFC Undisputed 09

UFC Undisputed 2009 is a game based on the the sport of mixed martial arts. Like any sports game the more you know the sport the bigger fan of the game you will be and this is no exception. If you know the fighters and you know the sport this game will live up to every single expectation you have for it. It gives such a great blood pumping experience you feel like your in the cage fighting for your life. Now there is some serious button mashing but it can be avoided if your not a big button masher like me.

Now to the meat and guts of the game the career mode. This is like most career modes it features the standard calender and you schedule fights and train in the mean time. It does have some issues that are minor like even after going through your career for five years it shows that you character has not aged which is weird. Another minor thing is that there seem to be endless menus to cycle through and it gets slightly annoying but spending that five minutes in octagon makes up for it all.

The characterization in this is lacking quite a bit. You cant ever really get you fighter looking the way you want him and customizing his body shape is unbelievably simplified down to one step, picking between fat, buff, and steroid abuser. Another issue is that there is only about 8 nicknames to choose from and throughout the game that is what you are recognized as so it would be nicer if you could get a bit more options there. The clothing to choose from is very limited till later game and even then its still not enough and since UFC fighters don't wear much you would expect to be able to change up what he has but that's not how it works. Now the shorts are numerous if you can get them all unlocked but they are quite a challenge to get if you don't play your career perfectly, your gloves are uncustomizable, mouth piece is just a choice between colors and the rest of the clothes are optional and have limited choice in color. Know the customization between how your fighter is built is almost near perfected in this first instalment and come on that's what really matters. There is so much to choose from that really effects your fighters strengths and weakness so pretty early on you have to decide what your going to do with your fighter. Now because you can choose which martial arts you fighter specializes in that makes even more of an effect on how you play. In the career mode they have training that lets you train in you specialized martial art to unlock new moves, the only issue that they require you to do specific things but don't you what they are or how to do it. This can get really frustrating when you have your partner beating the hell out of you while your trying to do something specific. A nice bonus is that after you retire your character out of career mode you can use him in regular fights.

There is an issue with online though, I can probably sum it up in one sentence. If it lags you get beaten by fags. like that? haha I know I did, but seriously if there is any issue with your Internet connection or its just not fast enough your going down like a ton of bricks every time.

All in all this is an absolutely amazing game for the first instalment and trust me there will be another one coming very soon. Chances are you can play this over and over till the next one comes out so I say its defiantly worth its $60 price tag.

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