Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The game Infamous is a exciting creative open world game. You start as a citizen in the middle of an attack on a fake city that is loosely based off a Chicago Manhattan blend. As you attempt to escape the city before its closed off you discover that the explosion has given you some interesting powers. The story is there and it is different but its not delivered well and it isn't all that interesting. You will also find yourself doing a large number of side missions but there only a few different types from help the clinic to running across the town to hit checkpoints in a small amount of time. The side missions do give you a helpful bonus by clearing out gangs from that part of the city but often times you'll be in a safe zone and you still get shot down by the enemies gangs. The story mode missions are also similar and majority of them are just turning on the power in parts of the city. A noticeably interesting thing about the game is how you act in missions determines weather your seen as a Hero or Infamous. With this karma change also comes a change in powers that you can get and also the color of your lightning. I have to say though the only way to play this game to its full potential is to be Infamous other words your constantly trying not to hit civilians while fighting off angry aggressive druggies but if you go Infamous the citizens do throw rocks at you but you can basically level the city block with the powers you get from being evil that its not that big of a deal.

The game play is solid and thought the game you earn new powers and points to upgrade these powers so just when the powers you have get stale you get a new one. Since your healing is based on sucking electricity out of objects in the city your never far away from a full does of heath. This element does make the character godlike and completely overpowered but come on its a super hero game so what if you can kill everyone within a 100yd radius and blast 20 people into the nearby ocean.

This game is fun to play and creative even though the story lacks and can get repetitive it has a high replay ability and the story lasts for about 30-60 hours depending how you play. Basically this game is guaranteed to keep you busy for 2 or 3 weeks and its defiantly worth the $50 price tag.


  1. Visited as promised... Looks alright. Keep it going sir! I have an X-Box 360...

    Can't stop the Trance! Dance!! DANCE!!!

  2. lol i know my friends told me more 360 games to im working on it