Wednesday, July 22, 2009

X-Men Origins Wolverine

X-Men Origins Wolverine is a rare game in which it's leaps and bounds better than the movie it's based on. The story in this game is presented in a series of flashback which is unoriginal but is done in fashion were he flashes to two different places breaking up the story enough that you don't really know what is going to happen when you go from one flash back to the next. I cant say much more about how the story is presented without giving a major unexpected element of the story away. I can say is that the story will last you a good 16 hours and is enjoyable all the way through.

The combat system in the game is well done but can get slightly repetitive but this repetitiveness isn't that noticeable when you see wolverine hacking off peoples limbs in slow motion. The game also has a wide variety of moves and sets of moves work together so thought the game you can change strategies to keep things fresh. For example you can either lunge and pound the hell out of people or maybe just use the environment and quick kill to kill your enemies. Either way they both do the job and they both look beautiful when you do them. Another cool idea in the game is something called mutagens. These are things that you find in game that make wolverine even stronger then he already is. Its great because there ways to improve them and they often work together in groups of 3 which is convenient since they give you three slots to equip them. Though there are times in which wolverine seems to powerful there are some difficult mini bosses that can really knock you down a notch and bring you back into reality. The reason they can do this is because when you fight them you really only have one practical option which is to jump on there back and slash them till they throw you off. Lastly the campaign offers one final bonus were if you find wolverine dolls in the story you can dress up as either Classic Wolverine, Legendary Wolverine, or X-Force Wolverine this does add quite a bit of fun to the experience if you get sick of Logan shirtless or in a tang top.

This game not only is fun to play but looks great while your doing it. The Shadows and details on the enemies and surroundings is great but the most noticeable thing is Wolverine himself. As his skin shot, hacked, cut and smashed off of him his metal coated bones and inner organs, at certain points his entire waste is missing and the only thing holding him together is the lower part of his spine. Not only does Wolverine look great half blown up he also looks great as he regenerates slowly in real time from being half blown up.

All in all you should rent this game for a week for about $7 and don't even consider watching this movie because this game is ten times better and 8 times longer than the movie. The reason I say rent is because one you beat the story once you wont really feel the need to play it again.

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