Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fight Night Round 4

Fight Night Round 4 is a continuation of the Fight Night series which focuses on realistic boxing. This game looks stunning when you connect with a good punch and you see the spit and blood fly in slow motion you feel like you’re watching a real prize fight. This game also has a innovative new feature that allows you to pare up any two fighters and watch the simulated fight. So with the click of a few buttons you can watch Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali go at it without coughing up 50 bucks.

This game does have some a good number of downsides. The create a character is decent at best and compared to previous installments in the franchise it’s an utter failure. There are ways to add to the experience like downloading pictures from EA Sports World even then you have to create a new account and it doesn’t work well at all and you’re PS3 or Xbox 360 will have hard time finding it. If you have a PS3 then you can also use your Playstation Eye to take a photo and this method seems to work well. Even with these two methods to make your fighter look like you the avatar can still come out looking like a creature out of Frankenstein.

The legacy mode in which you start as a rookie with a custom character or a real life fighter is extremely lacking. Unlike previous games there is no money earned from winning fights and there a only a few unlock ables. The training is impossible and your best bet is just to do the auto training for half the possible points.

Now to the heart of Fight Night the fighting. The fighting is good at the start of the legacy mode where all punches hooks, jabs, straights, uppercuts and the occasional hay maker and signature punches are but by the time your ranked at about 40 and on your just throwing jabs, and straights. At this time the fights become endless and most times you get your ass handed to you because the computer has technical perfection. Another unfortunate draw back is that due to the creative scheme in which you preform punches in later fights you end up throwing an accidental uppercut and the opponent counters and pounds you into the floor without hesitation. They have also traded out the traditional mini game like healing system for a point based healing system in which you get points for how technical you are in the fight.

Basically this game is a good looking instalment into the franchise if you want to rent it and set up and watch a few prize fights be my guest. It will also serve as a fun party game for the weekend but if your a boxing fan and you want a good boxing game go pick up Fight Night Round 2 for about 19.99 instead of blowing $60 bucks on this game.

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